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I just love the owners of Oliveira’s and the way they have treated us in past years when we needed flooring for our Home for the Disabled. We had storm damage at one of the care homes in January 2018. They came to the rescue and cleaned carpet in the entire house at a very reasonable afforable rate. Most currently we had the carpet cleaned at our 233 Aldebaran address. They were prompt and did a fair job considering the carpet is old and dirty. Soon I would like to have it replaced and other flooring as well in both houses. That’s what I love about Oliveira’s is that they gladly let me have a “time payment” plan where is pay them each month. I appreciate that more than anyone could imagine.

Thank You All At Oliviera’s Restoration! I can’t say enough about the quality of their work and the friendly helpful crew that took care of my flood restoration. Always on time and ready with answers to my many questions, these guys were professional and always gave just that little bit extra effort that makes this company stand out. An excellent resolution to an unfortunate event. I highly recommend OLIVIERA’S RESTORATION ! I have also purchased carpet from the flooring division and had them cleaned over the years with the same outstanding service and very competitive pricing. OLIVIERA’S is a class act!

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